KUNLUN ® System  - Kunlun Nei Gung
is a practice for cultivating the Taoist Gold Dragon Body, similar to the Tibetan Returnable Rainbow Body, and the Diamond Body. KUNLUN System is the root of internal alchemy spoken about by the Mountain Taoists, the Egyptians, and many ancient Mystery schools.  A root practice allowing the practitioner direct access to their primordial, authentic being and teacher within.  The KUNLUN® System generates super "natural" abilities, a body full of bliss, the opening of the wisdom eye and vitality as a bi product. Most importantly,  it returns
you to your original blueprint, a place of truth, stillness, awakening, and direct knowingness. Long held in secret,  the time has come to share to share this practice with those of heart and pure motivation.
- Kunlun Nei Gung
Kunlun Nei Gung . net
the Kunlun  (R)  System - Kunlun Nei Gung

The Ancient Art of Internal Alchemy

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